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Judgeless Education With Encouragement, Love and Support

New Parent JEWELS specializes in the preparation for and transition into the precious, but overwhelming, initial six weeks of life with a newborn. We nurture first time parents and families seeking a positive transition for their older children and fur babies.


We offer current, evidence-based information and non-biased support, empowering parents to make choices that are right for them and their growing family. 

We also prepare them for what to expect once baby arrives physically, emotionally and mentally from the first hour after birth through the first six weeks (and beyond if desired)!

New parent education is one of the most overlooked aspects of welcoming a new baby.  Many expectant parents spend time and money preparing for labor and decorating the nursery, but few invest in the role that will last a lifetime - “Parenthood.” New parents will survive on their own, but with a little help from New Parent JEWELS they can thrive in the first stage of parenthood.

If you're not sure if or how we can help, contact us for a free 15-minute clarity call.



Certified New Parent Educator

Parenthood is challenging; Julie is here to lighten the load off your shoulders. She's an open-minded and empathetic professional whose priority is the well-being of new parents. 

Julie is a Certified New Parent Educator with CAPPA (CNPE Certification Number: 9-202112). Prior to her certification, Julie worked with Orange County’s busiest maternity hospital and gained invaluable insights into what expectant parents need before starting their parenthood journey. She also realized many new parents experience inadequate support, education and resources after having their baby. 

Julie's goal is to fill that gap. She wants to make your immediate postpartum period as smooth as possible - equipping you with knowledge and resources so you can get the rest you need, while building the confidence you deserve as a new parent.

With her own two children and varied postpartum experiences, she knows first-hand the joys and difficulties that come with parenthood. 

Let Julie nurture you, so you can nurture your baby.



Education. Support. Empowerment.

Do you have a vision of yourself as a new parent but don’t know where to begin? Let me guide you. Take a look at the list of my services below, and contact me if you have any questions or special requests.

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We are at your service to nurture you by providing education and support for new mom and newborn care as well as partner assistance. The early weeks after birth are a roller coaster, but we’ve got you covered. 

We provide all evidence-based, non-biased information to help you decide what works best for you and your family.  The goal is to feel ready for life with a newborn, or thrive with your newborn, and become confident in your parenting skills and style. ​

New parents often need support with newborn cues, behavior, sleep and soothing, new mom's recovery and navigating relationship changes and setting boundaries. 

Parents choose how they want their 1-on-1s (email, phone or Zoom). *Packages can be customized for multiple education sessions. 



We offer workshops you can take from the comfort of your own home on the most pressing topics of life with a newborn. These are best taken prenatally but can also be completed in the early weeks of postpartum. 

Topics include: surviving the first 6 weeks, transitioning older children and attachment & bonding.

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We have a comprehensive directory of resources to support the numerous needs of new parents and their babies including lactation support, mental health and physical therapy. 

In addition, we offer detailed tip sheets to better prepare new parents for life with their newborn. Topics include postpartum planning, helpers vs. visitors, home & nursery must haves, nourishment, and new partner tips.




“Julie is a tremendous resource for a first time mom. She not only answered the questions I had, but also the ones I didn't think to ask. Highly recommend her services!" 

Elizabeth, first time mom


“As a new mom to twins, the first few weeks were filled with lots of emotion as we tried to navigate life as new parents. Julie was so helpful in providing information on what to expect the first few weeks, including information to guide us along our NICU experience. I really appreciated her check ins to make sure my own mental health and well being were not forgotten along the way. I’d highly recommend Julie to new moms for both multiples and singletons.”

Mimi, multiples mom 


“Julie’s support made all the difference as I prepared to welcome my second child. The extensive knowledge, empathy and real-life experience Julie shared helped me build my confidence as a mom and ensure a smooth transition for my toddler as well.”

Carlin, second time mom



Julie O'Connell, CNPE

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